I have one thing to say about our political elections. Vote. I don’t care if you are an Independent, a Democrat, a Republican, or, like my cat, Cleo, something else and who doesn’t belong to any party. As far as Cleo and I are concerned, we are all responsible for one thing only… and it’s not just to support our candidate because he, or she, belongs to the same party we cheer for. Far better, we should vote for the man or woman that will help make the lives of all Americans better. Naturally, some candidates, who wear the colors of their party, if elected, may have the added clout of that Party, to reach our noble objectives quicker. Cleo was sitting right next to me on my desk when I perused my Official General Election Voter’s Guide. That desk is where my computer sits and where Cleo and I do all my writing. When I opened the pages of the voting pamphlet, which gives the pros and cons on the bills and the bios of the candidates up for my vote, Cleo turned the pages with her paws to fast before I had a chance to read all of the valuable fine print and the stuff printed there. I guessed Cleo reads faster than I do. She was impatient to read what the next page said. Cleo is a cat who thinks her own thoughts. Not easily swayed by clever conjecture and slippery fast-shooters that tell us they are the best thing since sliced bread was invented. The usual arguments do not move her. That may be a sign of what’s sick in our democracy. Hardly nobody’s left, who isn’t more concerned with who gets the money from the busy lobbyists for a yes vote than what is good for Americans. Everything has become more confused than it should be for a great democracy. Whether red, blue, or other, our voice is often lost in the confusion of prejudice and slanted reports from high places. The last time a Democrat and a Republican spoke to one another, much less try to understand each other’s point of view, was sometime during the last Ice Age. What with two billion galaxies in the universe, and with each galaxy having 200 billion suns, and most of those suns with planets like ours, the likelihood is that there are several quadrillion intelligent beings living on worlds like ours. It seems logical that our Creator, whatever she, he, or it may be, has more fish to fry than be concerned with what proposition passes and what candidate gets the nod. I believe the Creator has left those problems for you and I to decide. I’m sure Cleo agrees. I would ask Cleo’s advice but I don’t. Unfortunately, since Cleo and can only communicate by telepathy, I’m stuck with having to decide for myself for what proposition, and for whom I should vote. I shall do my best and wait until next time. Maybe by then Cleo and I may be able to communicate better. Better still, our democracy, like people and candidates, given time may evolve to be all that a good government can be in America. I hope so.